Welcoming Long Island is an initiative of Long Island Wins. At Welcoming Long Island, we seek to build mutual respect and cooperation between the foreign-born and U.S.-born who call Long Island home. The ultimate goal of Welcoming Long Island is to create a welcoming atmosphere – community by community – in which immigrants are able to integrate into the social fabric of their new … Read More


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The Village of Patchogue is a proud partner of Welcoming Long Island in together developing a more inclusive Patchogue for all, immigrant and native born alike.Patchogue is a village that celebrates diversity, tourism, and a welcoming atmosphere, which we invite all Long Islanders to take part in.

David-KennedyWe are proud to be associated with Long Island Wins and their Welcoming Long Island Initiatives. It is essential we recognize the vital role immigrants play in building the businesses that are an integral part of our community. We stand with Long Island Wins and Welcoming Long Island in their efforts to encourage meaningful immigration reform legislation that strengthens the bond immigrants have with our business community.

It has been a pleasure collaborating with Welcoming Long Island and Long Island Wins with our like-minded goals of making all feel welcome and given equal opportunity.Many towns on Long Island have seen the demographics of our communities change over the past decade. I believe it is important to recognize all of our new neighbors as people seeking acceptance and friendship with a desire to contribute and share in our communities and be a part of the American dream.

supporters-steveWelcoming Long Island and its parent group Long Island Wins represent a standard that I have set for myself as an elected official; to ensure that all people are treated equally and given every opportunity possible. As a descendant of Italian immigrants who came through Ellis Island, I know how important it is to welcome our aspiring citizens to this country with empathy, dignity, and grace. People who choose to live here on Long Island are not only making the decision to better their own lives, but the lives of all of our community members.

We at the Islamic Center of Long Island are proud to support and be associated with Welcoming Long Island and Long Island Wins to work toward promoting sensible immigration reform. Long Island Wins makes all immigrants feel at home with respect and dignity in this great country of ours. The beauty of this country is that its success is directly related to the contributions of immigrants from all over the world.

supporters-bethpage3We are delighted to partner with Welcoming Long Island and Long Island Wins on its valuable ‘Reading Circles’ program, sure to make a great impact on Long Island…
With 26 branch locations across Long Island, and nine-12 more branches slated to open over the next three years, Bethpage works very closely with community residents and businesses across Long Island’s many diverse communities. A good portion of our growth strategy is to better service Long Island’s minority population, and that includes supporting programs and organizations dedicated to sustaining and growing our diverse communities. We are delighted to partner with Long Island Wins on its valuable ‘Reading Circles’ program, sure to make a great impact on Long Island.