Immigration Hard-Liner Kris Kobach Added to Trump Team

Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach, the worst of the immigration hard-liners, just joined Pres. Trump’s transition team. Kobach was the author of Arizona’s “Show Me Your Papers” law and anti-immigrant laws in a dozen other states. All of them were thrown out by the courts as unconstitutional. Now he will help guide the new administration’s immigration policies.

Kobach claims credit for Trump’s demand that Mexico pay for a wall along the border. Kobach said recently that “There’s no question the wall is going to get built.”

Kobach’s previous legislation included a law requiring landlords to check the immigration documents of renters. Landlords who rented to undocumented immigrants could be prosecuted. Another law cut off municipal services, like water, to undocumented immigrants. Still another barred undocumented immigrants from marrying.


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