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Safe Talk: CALL’s First Communities Against Hate Program

Safe Talk: Jeff Sessions’ Visit to Long Island

Voices Against Violence with Dr. Calvin O. Butts

Safe Talk: Experiencing Hate

Safe Talk: Fear in Immigrant Community

Safe Talk: Bystander/Upstander Training

Safe Talk: What is a Hate Crime?

Safe Talk: CALL Program Details

Discussion of Trump’s Executive Orders

“A Day Without Immigrants”

Bias Incidents Against the Jewish Community

Refugees in Greece

Post-Election Discussion

Francis Madi

Civic Engagement

Fight for 15

DAPA and DACA+ in the Supreme Court

A humanitarian mission to help refugees in Greece

Efforts for the New York State Driver’s License campaign

New Latino Advisory Committee in East Hampton

The future of DAPA and DACA+ and their benefits to immigrant families

Controversial program to deport Central American refugees

Rigorous process for Syrian refugees before coming to the U.S.

Empowering the youth with leadership qualities

Erika Andiola, the champion of the DREAMers movement

Deferred actions and candidate forum bring together immigrants

State program helps permanent residents to become U.S. citizens

A discussion of wage theft and abuse in the nail salon industry

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