We Were All Once Immigrants: What’s Your Story?

Two upcoming shows on Long Island will encourage audience members to share stories about their own immigrant roots, whatever those roots may be.

ImprovTheater-Playback Theater Long Island will perform in Brentwood on May 13 and in Patchogue on May 21, with the later performance in conjunction with The Little Theatre USA.

Here’s some background on the Patchogue show from a press release:

This performance will allow families in the community to reminisce about their history, their heritage and their immigration to Long Island. Audience members are invited to become the “Teller” of a cultural heritage story, family memory or personal experience with those in attendance. ImprovTheater actors and musicians will use music, dance and improvisational theater to then transform the audiences’ experience into the art of theater! The audience will be sharing their joys, sorrows, hardships, and successes.

All stories of coming to Long Island are welcomed to be shared, from yesterday to a hundred years ago. The audience will share or listen and learn; everyone is welcome to join ImprovTheater for this exciting and moving interactive performance! This performance has the option of being performed in English and Spanish depending on the preference of the audience.

And here’s the info for both events, which are free and open to the public:

“Cultural Heritage Stories:  What’s Your Story?”
Friday, May 13, 7pm
Brentwood Public Library
34 Second Avenue, Brentwood
This free performance will be presented in English and Spanish for all to enjoy.

The Little Theatre USA and ImprovTheater present
“We Were All Once Immigrants: What’s Your Story?”

Paul McIsaac, Alex Parache, Jessica McAvoy, Janice Segure, Louise Campbell, Adriana Devers, Alexia Anastasio, Caitlyn Cummings, Tina Curran

Saturday, May 21, 2pm
The Best Seller Bookstore Auditorium
43a Main St, Hempstead
This free performance has the option of being presented in English and Spanish.