Want Nassau To Continue Support for Youth Services? Speak Out Today


On Friday, it actually happened.

Nassau County, because of a political dispute between County Executive Ed Mangano and Democrats in the legislature, defunded all agencies under contract to provide youth services. As a result, respected organizations like the Hispanic Counseling Center in Hempstead are taking a hit; the center has been forced to shut down their summer program for more than 200 kids.

To add insult to injury, the Mangano administration contacted the now-defunded agencies demanding that anything they purchased with county grants for their programs be turned over to the bureaucrats in Mineola. That’s right, if they bought a table for fingerpainting or a computer for a graphics class, these non-profit organizations are supposed to turn them in this week!

If you are sick of politicians victimizing kids—including many with disabilities and from immigrant families—in pursuit of their political agendas, go to the Theodore Roosevelt Legislative and Executive Building (1550 Franklin Avenue, Mineola) today, July 9, at 1pm to oppose the complete cutoff of county funding for youth services at these organizations. Be a voice for these young people.

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