VIDEOS: Whoever Welcomes Children Welcomes Me (Part III)


Here we present the third of a four part series of videos from Welcoming Long Island’s groundbreaking interfaith event, Whoever Welcomes Children Welcomes Me, which took place on Friday, Sept. 19 as part of National Welcoming Week 2014.  Welcoming Long Island partnered with Long Island Jobs with Justice to bring together the largest collection of faith leaders on Long Island. The event, part of National Welcoming Week 2014, called on the faithful and the faith community to treat children fleeing Central America and seeking refuge on Long Island with compassion and dignity.

Below are more of the speeches and prayers from the event.

Rev. Marc Herbst, Assistant to Lutheran Bishop Rev. Dr. Robert Rimbo

Rev. Dr. Paul S. Johnson, Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock

Canon Charles McCarron for Episcopal Bishop Lawrence Provenzano

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