Protect Our Courts Act Passes in NY State Legislature & Heads to Cuomo: ICE Out of Courts

Nassau Criminal Court
The Protect our Courts Act (POCA) just passed the NY State Legislature and will now head to the Governor’s desk. Gov. Cuomo has indicated in the past that he supports the bill, which bars ICE from making arrests in New York’s courthouses.
In the three years since Donald Trump came into office, there has been a 1,700% increase in ICE courthouse arrests. The widespread raids at the courts have instilled fear among our state’s immigrants in keeping their appointments in our courts. ICE has conducted arrests at hundreds of courts around the country, including family courts, anti-human trafficking courts, civil and criminal courts.
Organizations around New York, including the New York Immigration Coalition, Sepa Mujer, CARECEN, and Empire Justice have been very involved in successfully pushing for this bill.