Bill to Block ICE from New York Courts May be Voted on This Week in Albany


The New York State Senate may vote on the Protect Our Courts Act before it adjourns this week. The bill would prevent ICE from arresting people for civil immigration violations while the immigrant is entering, leaving, or inside a state court unless the ICE agents have a judicial warrant or court order. The legislation was proposed to counter growing abuses by ICE at courts around New York and throughout the country. ICE has arrested immigrants at family courts, the Queens human trafficking court, and at traffic courts. This has discouraged immigrants from using the courts to resolve civil matters and from attending court when summoned.

This year, the New York Immigration Coalition made passage of the Protect Our Courts Act a major goal.

According to the Immigrant Defense Project:

The bill includes several enforcement measures. It empowers judges to hold any person who violates the law in contempt of court. It also instructs the New York Attorney General to pursue legal action on behalf of individuals who are arrested in violation of this law. In addition, the bill recognizes that individuals have a right to pursue legal claims when they are arrested.

Please call the Long Island Six today and ask them to vote “Yes” on this bill.

Here is how to contact them:

Senator Todd Kaminsky (516) 766-8383   Albany 518-455-3401

Senator Kevin Thomas  (516) 739-1700  Albany  (518) 455-3260

Senator John Brooks (516) 882-0630  Albany 518-455-2765

Senator Monica Martinez (631) 360-3356  Albany (518) 455-2950

Senator Anna Kaplan (516) 746-5924 Albany  (518) 455-2170

Senator Jim Gaughran  (516) 922-1811  (518) 455-3250

You can get more info on the bill here.