Special Thanks to Welcoming Long Island Supporters


The rapid growth of our Welcoming Long Island initiative across Long Island would not be possible without the support of our elected officials and community partners. Our Welcoming Long Island “Supporters” section recognizes and celebrates some of those individuals for their continued efforts to work together to build a more inclusive Long Island for all, immigrant and native born alike.

We’d like to thank the latest group of individuals for their contributions to this initiative and helping us make Long Island a more welcoming place.


Mayor Paul Pontieri, Mayor Paul Pontieri

“The Village of Patchogue is a proud partner of Welcoming Long Island in together developing a more inclusive Patchogue for all, immigrant and native born alike. Patchogue is a village that celebrates diversity, tourism, and a welcoming atmosphere, which we invite all Long Islanders to take part in.”



David Kennedy, Executive Director, Village of Patchogue Chamber of Commerce

“We are proud to be associated with Long Island Wins and their Welcoming Long Island Initiatives. It is essential we recognize the vital role immigrants play in building the businesses that are an integral part of our community. We stand with Long Island Wins and Welcoming Long Island in their efforts to encourage meaningful immigration reform legislation that strengthens the bond immigrants have with our business community.”



Tracy Todd-Hunter, Founder, Of Colors Patchogue

“It has been a pleasure collaborating with Welcoming Long Island and Long Island Wins with our like-minded goals of making all feel welcome and given equal opportunity. Many towns on Long Island have seen the demographics of our communities change over the past decade. I believe it is important to recognize all of our new neighbors as people seeking acceptance and friendship with a desire to contribute and share in our communities and be a part of the American dream.”