Here are Resources for Families Facing Separation and Deportation


With increased ICE raids and President Trump’s continued efforts to halt refugee resettlement and immigration, many in the immigrant community fear that their family may soon be separated. It is important for any family that fears they might be separated to create a plan and set up any necessary arrangements.


Appleseed has an extensive guide on protecting assets and setting up child custody if deportation does occur. There are several important steps that can be completed prior to a potential separation or deportation, including gathering important documentation, choosing a temporary guardian for the children, and create a list of important phone numbers in case of detainment.  The guide also has a number of checklists to help break down these complex processes into more manageable steps.

The Women’s Refugee Commission 

The Women’s Refugee Commission has several guides on various subject matters which including guides on parental rights after detainment, what to do after deportation, and how to build a plan to prevent separation. All guides are available in both English and Spanish.

The Michigan Immigrants Rights Center

The Michigan Immigrants Rights Center has a guide for how to prepare a family for a raid and what do to afterward in both English and Spanish.