New Website Aims to Create Unity Between Communities and Police


A new website has been launched on Long Island to improve relations and create dialogue between police and community members.

Communities and Police Talk, sponsored by the Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island, was created as a space for the public and the police to share ideas and opinions. It is intended to help law enforcement agencies serve and protect the community fairly.

The website allows community members to post questions for the police as well as suggestions for better policing. It also provides information in English and Spanish on what to do or not to do if a police officer stops you.

According to Isma Chaudhry, a Advisory Board member of the new website, there are a lot of community outreach and integration initiatives by law enforcement agencies but sometimes they are not able to reach out to the community and the community is not able to reach out to them. Chaudhry is also Long Island Wins’ Board Co-chair and President of theIslamic Center of Long Island.

“Through this website we want to fill that gap. We want to become a bridge where the community feels comfortable with their law enforcement agency and the law enforcement agency is able to communicate their community outreach initiatives to the community,” Chaudhry said.

There has already been positive feedback from different communities about the website according to Chaudhry. “We do feel that with this website people will get to know more about the efforts in community building initiated by their local precinct,” she said.

Please, visit, begin interacting with your neighbors, and share your ideas to contribute for a better community policing.