We Must Push Forward Now on Immigration Reform


Since being introduced last month, the Senate’s immigration reform bill has been thoroughly analyzed and dissected and is now entering the markup phase. The Senate Judiciary Committee will then review the bill and the proposed amendments.

Amendments have been introduced, some good, some bad. The important thing to remember is that what we have on the table right now is just a bill, not law. There is wiggle room on both ends, and the final bill is sure to change between now and the Senate’s vote.

We are only at the beginning on the path to immigration reform. The road is long and full of obstacles.

Anti-immigrant groups and organizations continue to go on the offensive in their effort to derail immigration reform. They have released inaccurate, flawed reports and have continued to spread hate and fear in their move to stop reform from happening.

We cannot let this happen. We need to defend the immigration reform movement. The bill needs our support, and 11 million Americans need our support.

This is the time we pick up the pace on our push for real comprehensive immigration reform. Whether it’s through letters to the editor, phone calls to our elected officials, or tweets to our senators, now is the time for us to make our voice heard.

There has been talk of support for immigration reform dying down, but this just isn’t the case. The polls continue to show that immigration reform, which includes an earned path to citizenship, is supported by the vast majority of the American pubic.

We need immigration reform now.

More than 1,000 families are torn apart every day because of our broken immigration system. They need immigration reform now.

The 11 million Americans living in the shadows in fear, they need immigration reform now.

The bill needs our support. Let’s show our elected officials that America supports immigration reform.