Trump Cancels ICE Raids! We Cancel Rally!


Just two days after word of large scale ICE raids galvanized immigrant communities to action, Donald Trump announced Saturday that the raids are now cancelled. Trump said that if he did not receive concessions from Congress he might reinstate the terror campaign against immigrant families.

The announcement was met with disgust by many immigrants.

A rally against the raids planned for Sunday at Foley Square has now been cancelled.

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  1. Is anyone else frightened? having nightmares? Do you also feel like this country is akin to pre WW2 Germany? I will attend the rally … maybe it will make it better for me to DO SOMETHING! I have been told not to watch the news and it won’t bother me so much. Don’t get involved … Do you suppose the families in Germany were told to mind their own business as their neighbors were carried off?

    I cry for the babies and children who suffer and for their families who are suffering too!