TPS Extended and Redesignated for Venezuelans & Afghans

Renewal period ends September 6..

Last week the Biden Administration dramatically increased the number of people protected by Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The Administration announced that TPS for Venezuelans and Afghans has been renewed and redesignated. The “renewal” announcement says that those with TPS will have their status extended for another 18 months following a renewal application being filed. The “redesignation” means that for those from those two countries who had not received their TPS already, they can apply for it now. The people who apply for TPS have to have been in the United States by July 31, 2023.

The rules will likely be published in the Federal Register by the end of September.

It is expected that 14,000 Afghans and 472,000 Venezuelans will be eligible for the status.

I will publish more about this when the notice comes out.

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