The Immigration Bill from House Democrats is a Step in the Right Direction

The immigration bill introduced by House Democrats will put pressure on House Republicans to act.

A group of House Democrats today unveiled their own comprehensive immigration reform bill in a move to push the issue forward and put pressure on House Republicans. The bill combines the “Gang of Eight” bill that passed the Senate Judiciary Committee with the bipartisan border-security bills that passed the House Homeland Security Committee in May.

“This is 100% bipartisan,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi during a press conference today. “Best of the Senate bill, subtract Corker, and adding the House Homeland Security Committee. This is not a challenge to the Speaker [John Boehner], this is a suggestion. The Speaker said that he would like to bring something to the floor.”

Rep. Joe Garcia delivered a speech in English and Spanish, saying, “Today we’re not introducing a perfect bill, but we’re taking the hard work done in the Senate and a bill that takes the detailed and specific work done in the House. What we’re putting forward is a bill that has received Republican votes. We chose to show that we want to get this done now. We’re putting together a bill that works.”

While many do not expect the bill to actually pass or even come to a vote, the move is expected to put pressure on House Republicans to act.

“If this doesn’t happen, it really is a failure of the House Republicans to listen to the American people and take action,” Rep. Joaquín Castro said.