The Immigrants’ Civil War: Gettysburg


This page lists all articles in The Immigrants’ Civil War about the Gettysburg Campaign.

1. An Irish Soldier Between Chancellorsville and Gettysburg

2. Lee’s Army Moves Towards Gettysburg: Black Refugees Flee

3. Iron Brigade Immigrants Arrive at Gettysburg

4. Iron Brigade Immigrants Go Into Battle at Gettysburg July 1, 1863

5. The “German” XI Corps at Gettysburg July 1, 1863

6. An Irish Colonel and the Defense of Little Round Top on the Second Day at Gettysburg

7. A Prayer Before Death for the Irish Brigade at Gettysburg: July 2, 1863

8. The Irish Regiment that Ended “Pickett’s Charge”: July 3, 1863

9. A German Immigrant Woman’s Gettysburg Address

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