The Congressional Recess is a Time of Action for Immigration Reform

Take action this month for comprehensive immigration reform.

The Congressional recess isn’t actually vacation time for our elected officials.

It’s actually the time that they return to their home districts and to the people that they represent. A variety of fundraisers, events and town halls are scheduled where people can personally meet with their representative to voice their concerns about what’s going on in their community.

This time is the perfect opportunity for those of us in the immigration advocacy community to make our voices heard, and to keep up our push for comprehensive immigration reform that works for everyone.

We kicked off the month by welcoming Peter King back home at his Massapequa Park office. More than 100 community members joined together to thank Rep. King for supporting immigration reform and a path to citizenship and to urge Congress to work on this issue when they return from recess.

Through September 9, the 535 senators and representatives in Congress are home. They’re talking to voters, they’re holding town halls and they’d like to hear from their constituents.

This handy graphic, courtesy of Voto Latino, explains the recess and outlines what you can do.