State of the Union Commits President to Put an Accountable Immigration System in Place


We’re glad that the President re-committed himself on the biggest of stages to the great unfinished business of the past generation: putting into place an accountable immigration system that makes sure that today’s immigrants have the chance to earn a path to citizenship. Making sure immigrants can come under the law and contribute fully to our economy will be good for Long Island and good for America. Fixing our broken immigration system for once and for all is a task that Democrats, Republicans, and anyone else should be able to agree on.

We’re heartened that people from all parties in Washington seem finally to be negotiating in good faith. However, not every plan is equally sound, and that not every idea that someone calls “immigration reform” is a good one. We’re particularly concerned about some plans that would limit immigrants to a status inferior to citizenship forever, or would put off the path to citizenship to an unspecified future date.

We need immigration reform to be fair and accountable, and to unleash the economic potential of those who come to America to work hard towards the American Dream. And we need it now. We loved last night’s words. Now we need action.