Speaker Boehner Getting Serious on Immigration Reform

Speaker Boehner may be proving that he is serious on immigration reform with a new personnel move.

House Speaker John Boehner has been adamant that immigration reform will not happen this year. However, he has reiterated on more than one occasion that this is an issue that will be addressed in 2014, albeit in a step-by-step approach.

Speaker Boehner earlier this week hired Rebecca Tallent as his policy adviser on immigration. Tallent most recently directed the immigration task force at the Bipartisan Policy Center think tank. Before that, she served as chief of staff for Sen. John McCain and also helped him draft measures to overhaul immigration during the last big push to tackle the issue in 2007. Before that, she worked for former Rep. Jim Kolbe of Arizona, another longtime advocate for immigration reform.

Below is a video analyzing the appointment, courtesy of The Hill.