Rally to Close the Camps October 12 Noon in Battery Park Manhattan

A cage with dolls representing the caged children was carried at the rally.

Rally to Close the Camps detaining refugees and asylees at the Border. 

Saturday October 12 from Noon to 1PM at Castle Clinton National Monument in Battery Park Manhattan.

Please join the New York Immigration Coalition, the New Sanctuary Coalition and our partners as we rally to raise awareness about inhumane detention center conditions in this country. This rally is about building a just and humane immigration system that works for everyone instead of ripping families apart. CLOSE THE CAMPS!

American voters want responsible and humane immigration solutions. And we can get there together. The Trump administration has abused and broken an outdated immigration system to divide communities, separate families, put children in cages, and create chaos at the border, jeopardizing both our national security and our commitment to human rights. We need solutions, not more problems. We need to close the camps, respect our asylum laws, and treat all humans with the dignity they deserve.

Please spread the word and RSVP at this link.