President Obama: Get Immigration Reform Done


With the government shutdown over, it’s back to business for all levels of our government, including Congress. Comprehensive immigration reform is a top priority for our elected officials in the coming months, as stated by President Obama on multiple occasions and echoed by members of Congress.

Progress is being made. House Democrats have introduced their own version of the Senate bill and House Republicans, including Speaker John Boehner, have stressed that they will take up the issue as well. Comprehensive immigration reform will clearly be a priority for Congress over the rest of the year.

President Obama was joined today by representatives from the business, labor and faith communities for a common goal, to get comprehensive immigration reform done this year.

“This isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do,” said President Obama. “Securing our borders, modernizing our legal immigration system, providing a pathway to earned legalized citizenship, growing our economy, strengthening our middle class, reducing our deficits—that’s what commonsense immigration reform will do. It is time. Let’s go get it done.”

Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, was in attendance at the White House for the President’s remarks. This is his response to the President’s remarks calling for immigration reform:

“The votes exist today to pass reform in the House. Republicans talk a good game, but we have not seen one piece of bi-partisan legislation put forward by the GOP,” said Sharry. “As such, this is all about the House GOP. It is a simple fact that the House needs to start voting on things the American people want achieved. On immigration and many other issues.”

Everybody knows what we know: the votes are there in the House for immigration reform with a path to citizenship. In fact, 28 House Republicans have come out in favor of immigration reform and a path to citizenship. Yet, Speaker John Boehner and the Republican leadership are digging themselves into a deeper hole by delaying and dragging their feet, doing nothing to fix our broken immigration system and not bringing the bipartisan Senate bill to a vote.

So get in touch with your local Congressional representative and let them know that the time for comprehensive immigration reform is now.

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