NY Immigration Coalition Calls for Trump to Abandon Anti-Immigrant Stance

Photo by Pat Young

Steve Choi of the New York Immigration Coalition says that news of Donald Trump’s election has reverberated throughout the state. “New York’s immigrant communities are frankly terrified in this moment,” he said. “During his campaign, President-elect Trump vowed to ‘build a wall’, to suspend immigration, to ban Muslims from the country, to create a ‘deportation force’ that would deport all 11 million hardworking undocumented immigrants from the country – nonsensical and misguided ideas that have fueled division, fear and intolerance in New York and across the country,” he told Long Island Wins.

Choi said that he implores Trump to “take back his hateful words, and act like a true leader who believes in respect and unity.”

Appealing on behalf of the Coalition, Choi said that;

We say to President-elect Trump: Immigrant communities are not going anywhere. The success of America’s immigrant communities is the success of America as well. There is still time to repair your ugly campaign record that has thrown immigrant communities – a full 42 million people in the United States, and more than four million in New York – under the bus. We urge you to join us as we combat anti-immigrant hate and educate the greater public about the immense contributions that immigrant communities have made to this nation. If not, we will hold you accountable every step of the way.

Choi pledged that “we will now double down to protect our communities from hatred and anti-immigrant attacks; we will prepare them against any violence, and we work with our local and state elected officials to provide the necessary support to uplift our communities.”