Next Steps in the Campaign for Path to Citizenship for TPS, DREAMers, Essential Workers

Image courtesy of Erlend Bjørtvedt

This week the House of Representatives passed a budget reconciliation package that includes a provision that would create a Path to Citizenship for five million undocumented immigrants. Those covered include people with TPS, DREAMers, and Essential Workers as well as certain family members of people in these categories. Long Island Representatives Suozzi and Rice both voted in favor of the package. It had passed two weeks ago in the Senate.

The budget package will now go to the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by New Yorker Jerry Nadler for mark-up. We expect the mark-up to be completed by September 13. Also in early September, we expect the Senate Parlimentarian to rulle on whether the immigration provisions can remain in the Senate bill.

On September 21 there will be a mass mobilization in support of the Path to Citizenship in Washington, with buses leaving from Nassau and Suffolk. The following week, the House is expected to have a final vote. A final Senate vote is likely to take place in October.

Tuesday, September 21st, as members of both the House and Senate come back from recess, thousands of immigrants and allies will converge in Washington DC to demand that Congress recognize the contributions of immigrants by ensuring a path to citizenship now. The New York Immigration Coalition will supply FREE buses leaving from Nassau and Suffolk counties. Snacks and lunch will be provided.