National Day of Action for Immigration Reform Draws Hundreds to Rally in Manhattan

Today's rally in Foley Square.
Today's rally in Foley Square.

Rallies, vigils, and forums were held around the United States today as part of the National Day of Action for Immigration Reform. One of the largest was the rally in Foley Square organized by the New York Immigration Coalition.

Steven Choi, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition, opened the rally by saying, “There is a crisis in our immigrant communities, with our families continuing to be ripped apart and hope torn asunder by destructive immigration policies. It is high time that Congress get on the right side of history and pass a bill that allows people to come out of the shadows and become citizens. It is high time that the Administration brings an end to the deportations that have decimated our communities. The level of inaction from Washington on the issue of immigration reform is a national disgrace. We will do what we can in the meantime to support our immigrant communities – like pushing forward municipal IDs for all New Yorkers regardless of status, or fighting for the New York State DREAM Act – but our Federal elected leaders must step up immediately and provide relief for the millions of immigrants waiting for solutions. Our communities will not – and cannot – simply wait any longer, and we demand that our politicians step up and show true courage and leadership.”


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