Meet Our New Interns: Angie Bargon


My name is Angie Bargon and I’m a first-year student at SUNY Old Westbury. I plan on majoring in either business or marketing. I’m still unsure of what my career plans are, however I’m keeping my options open until I find a career I am truly passionate about. Some of my hobbies include singing, dancing, music, graphic designing and video editing.

I’m currently an intern this semester at Long Island Wins. I look forward to working with the organization because it is promoting commonsense immigration policy and working toward bringing the issues to light for Long Islanders.

I myself have experience with immigration issues firsthand, as my mother is an immigrant from Liberia. In addition, my aunt is currently going through the process to attain permanent resident status. I understand that this is a difficult matter for them, as whenever I would try to offer help or support to my mother or aunt, I was told not to get involved.

Learning of the immigration difficulties of my mother and aunt has been an eye-opening experience for me and I want to help any way that I can. When I was a high school student, I felt that I wasn’t able to help and that there wasn’t much I could do at the time. I also felt that the adults in my life would handle everything and that all would be fine in the end. Looking back on it, I really wish I would have made more of an effort to help.

I’m an adult now and I have taken on more responsibilities. Although I’m not an immigrant myself, I remain concerned with the issues as it affects me on a personal level. I look to my mother for inspiration, as she constantly has her hopes and spirits high and remains optimistic despite the circumstances. I feel like the time is now for me to do my part.

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