Man Arrested After Threatening to Kill Pro-Immigrant Professors


A man with strong anti-immigrant views has been arrested after threatening to kill two Utah professors because they are sympathetic to the foreign born. According to the Salt Lake City Tribune:

A Utah Valley University student is charged in U.S. District Court with threatening to kill a University of Utah professor with a bowie knife because he believed the professor supported illegal immigration.

Aaron Michael Heineman, of Orem, 32, was charged Friday with one count of felony interstate threatening communications for sending threats via email to the professor, as well as a second professor at the University of Utah and Westminster College’s Inclusion Center for Community and Justice.

According to a court complaint, Heineman sent several emails containing “white supremacist/hate rhetoric” to the two professors, identified in court documents as professors M. and V., starting in March 2011.

One email, sent May 3, contained a poem that accused professor V. of “ruining whitey society.” The poem, filled with expletives, included a passage that states: “Come the time of the new revolution, we will convene to detain you and slay you, by a bowie knife shoved up into the skull from your pig chin.”

The “poem” goes on to say that the professor will find a noose around his neck.

The professor forwarded the email to University of Utah police Chief Scott Folsom, stating he had received three similar emails from an account that police later traced to Heineman. The professor told police his family is fearful that Heineman would act on his threats, the complaint states.

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