Leader of Paramilitary Group Kidnapping Latinos in New Mexico Arrested by FBI

This paramilitary fighter for the United Constitutional Patriots militia was recently photographed along the New Mexico border.

Larry Hopkins gained international headlines by leading his paramilitary group to the border and capturing Latinos, about half of whom are children. Now he is under arrest. Hopkins leads the far-right United Constitutional Patriots militia, and his heavily armed paramilitary force videoed themselves kidnapping hundreds of Latinos along the Mexican border in New Mexico. He was arrested by the FBI on Saturday.

The group has used the capture of immigrants as a fundraising tool, but their accounts with PayPal and GoFundMe were shut down on Friday. The group has been called a “fascist militia” by the ACLU and a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Hopkins has been arrested before for impersonating a police officer.

Hopkins claims that he is in communication with Donald Trump, although his connections do not appear to have helped him avoid arrest.

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