Important Information for DACA Recipients

Some work permits must be returned.

I just received this important message from the New York Immigration Colaition:

In connection with the ongoing lawsuit challenging parts of the immigration executive action, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) accidentally issued 3-year work permits to DACA recipients after Judge Hanen placed a temporary hold on changes to the program. By court order, USCIS has until July 31 to get back all 3 year work permits issued after February 16, 2015. If people received their 3-year work permits before February 16, 2015, they are not affected by this and are NOT required to return their work permit.

USCIS has attempted to notify impacted DACA recipients by mail and phone. USCIS is now stepping up efforts to retrieve the outstanding work permits (~900) – including visiting DACA recipients’ homes starting in Los Angeles, then Chicago, then Houston and Dallas. At this time, we have NOT heard of any such planned visitations in New York. Advocates are worried about the fear and confusion this will cause among DACA recipients, their families, and other community members. It is important that all work permits are returned. Those who do not return their work permits risk losing deferred status.

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