Forcing the Issue on Immigration Reform

Nancy Pelosi will look to introduce a version of the Senate immigration reform bill that could get significant bipartisan support.

With the reports of comprehensive immigration reform’s demise in the House of Representatives, many were left wondering what comes next. Well reform is far from dead, if House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has anything to say about it.

Tentatively timed to coincide with the October 5 National Day of Action for immigration reform, Pelosi is planning to introduce legislation that combines the immigration bill that passed the Senate Judiciary Committee in May with the border security bills that have so far passed the House Homeland Security Committee.

According to Politico:

The strategy was detailed at a meeting hosted by Pelosi last week with top House Democrats and several immigration-rights advocates, the sources said. The plan would be to publicly release the bill timed to the Oct. 5 National Day of Action that is meant to mobilize grass-roots support and pressure the House Republican leadership to take up immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship.

The strategy here would be to combine these two pieces of legislation into one bill that could get as much bipartisan support as possible in the House.

So far these are just discussions, and no definitive plans have been made to introduce this bill on October 5.

Despite reports otherwise, immigration reform is very much alive. Those that champion the issue in Congress will not give up on it, and neither should we. Let us use this opportunity to make our voices be heard on this issue. Let’s continue reaching out to our elected officials to let them know that now is the time for comprehensive immigration reform that works for everyone.

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