Florida’s Rubio Offers His Take on the DREAM Act

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is expected to propose his own version of the DREAM Act shortly, except it won’t have one of the provisions that makes the original bill so important to undocumented youth.

Rubio’s plan will grant legal status to some undocumented young people brought to the United States as children, but it will not give them a way to become US citizens. In other words, unless they can get a green card through some other means, these students will be unable to vote for the rest of their lives.

While the plan is presented as a compromise between the real DREAM Act and the deport-them-all proposals of the conservatives, we should remember that the original DREAM Act itself was a compromise arrived at between Democrats and immigration moderates from the GOP.

When the actual bill is introduced, I’ll provide a full analysis, but don’t get your hopes up. Rubio’s legislation has no support among Tea Party congresspeople and little chance of clearing the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, unless presidential politics makes passage a necessity.

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