Fast for Families Across America Begins

The Fast for Families campaign hits the road this year.

After ending a 30 day fast last December, leaders of Fast for Families today took the next steps in their campaign to push for comprehensive immigration reform.

The next phase of the campaign, “Fast for Families Across America,” will visit more than 100 key Congressional districts across the country to engage constituents in a dialogue about immigration reform and encourage them to act.

Fast for Families Across America will continue to highlight the moral crisis and suffering caused by our broken immigration system. Countless immigrants are dying in their attempts to reach America and more than 1,100 people are deported daily, tearing apart thousands of families.

Fast for Families is a coalition of a diverse group of partners from the faith, immigrant, labor and civil rights communities and individuals committed to making commonsense immigration reform a reality.

The launch event was held today in Washington, DC. At the same time, faith leaders and immigration activists held a press conference in Hamilton, Ohio – part of Speaker John Boehner’s district – to announce “Fast for Families Across America.”

The video stream of the launch event is below.

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