Facebook Founder’s Advocacy Group Releases Ad Supporting Immigration Reform


FWD.us, the advocacy organization led by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and other technology executives, this week released its first television advertisements aimed at drawing support for immigration reform among conservatives. The ads will air in seven states: Texas, Florida, Utah, North Carolina, Iowa, Kentucky and South Carolina.

The first ad features Republican Senator Marco Rubio extolling on the conservative virtues of the proposed immigration reform bill.

South Carolina will gets its own ad specifically praising the conservative credentials of Senator Lindsey Graham, a key Republican supporter of immigration reform and member of the “Gang of Eight.”

The ad was released under the group’s conservative subsidiary, Americans for a Conservative Direction, and is led by a board of advisers including former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour; Sally Bradshaw, the former chief of staff to Jeb Bush; Dan Senor and Joel Kaplan, the former George W. Bush advisers; and Rob Jesmer, the former executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee who serves as the campaign manager for FWD.us.

In a statement from Jesmer:

Conservative leaders in Congress have put forward a bold plan with the toughest enforcement measures to secure our broken borders and hold those who have broken our laws accountable. Americans for a Conservative Direction is committed to supporting this effort as Congress gets to work on the real solutions that will fix our broken immigration system, secure our borders and help grow our economy.”

With congress about to enter the “markup” phase on immigration reform, now is the time for us to continue pushing forward on immigration reform that works for everyone. Let our elected officials know that America wants and needs immigration reform.