Evangelicals Continue Pushing for Immigration Reform

Faith and immigration often go hand in hand.

“We are announcing the Gospel that welcomes the stranger and we will denounce those that block immigration reform.”

It has been said by many that the key to successfully passing comprehensive immigration reform is the Evangelicals.

Indeed, as the Washington Post reported, support from the Evangelicals is so strong that those that block reform will be “denounced” by the community.

Last month, 300 faith leaders from around the country gathered at our nation’s capitol in support of this important issue. The breadth and depth of support for immigration reform included Pentecostals and Baptists; Mega-church leaders and small congregation ministers: Republicans and Democrats; natives of Arizona, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, and other states; and African Americans, Whites, Cuban Americans and other Latinos born and raised in the United States.

Attendees at the gathering told how they’ve been converted by experiences with Christ present in immigrants and their families. Immigrants told how they are making compacts across religious, ethnic, and political lines to work for justice and end the cruelty perpetrated by the U.S. immigration system. “Cruelty” was the exact word used, and correctly, given the scale of U.S. deportations and detentions that are tearing apart families—mother from child, husband from wife, sister from brother.

Evangelical leaders deeply understand the life of undocumented immigrants, the suffering of immigrant families, and the harm that a broken and cruel immigration system perpetrates on our nation.

It will take a joint effort from leaders and organizations from all walks of life to pass immigration reform. Now is the time to join together and let our representatives know that we want reform now.

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