Drop The “I” Word Rally


Join us as we ask media, newspapers and community to drop the word “illegal.” For decades our undocumented immigrant community has been label as “illegal.” This word is being used by racist groups all over the country bringing a negative perspective of immigrants (undocumented and documented). This word is constantly used by certain media in reference to immigrants. When the media uses this word the effects are negative, creating feelings of hate and discrimination against immigrants in our communities.

Join us to ask media and newspapers to stop using the word “illegal.” Because no human being is “illegal.”

When: Monday, August 20, 2012
Time: 11am
Location: 1 Media Crossway. Woodbury NY 11797 (Outside)

Contacts: Osman Canales (631-896-3703) and Jackeline Saavedra (631-383-9963)