Congresswoman Barbara Lee: John Kelly an “Extremist” on Immigration

Image courtesy of the Department of Homeland Security

Rep. Barbara Lee of California says that incoming White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is an immigration eforcement extremist. Kelly has has a shockingly anti-immigrant tenure as Secretary of Homeland Security under Donald Trump. Lee told CNN on Sunday:

“What I’m talking about is his tenure as Homeland Security secretary and the very extreme policies of promoting family dislocation, deportation of innocent men, women and children, breaking up families, promoting a Muslim ban, promoting a wall between the United States and Mexico. Those are extreme policies. So this is very troublesome to me to have this kind of power centralized in the White House because these are very serious matters and extreme policies.”

On Friday, Lee Tweeted:

“By putting Gen John Kelly in charge, Pres Trump is militarizing the White House & putting our executive branch in the hands of an extremist.”

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