Call Peter King Today

We need to keep the pressure on!
We need to keep the pressure on!

Please call Peter King to ask him to push House Speaker Boehner to bring immigration reform to a vote this year. The Long Island Civic Engagement Table (LICET) under Daniel Altschuler’s leadership, has been doing a great job of reminding King that this issue is not going away. I serve on the board of LICET and have met with King a number of times. He has repeatedly and publicly assured us that he is with us on this issue, but we need him to understand the urgency of getting this done before the craziness of the presidential election cycle begins next year.

Call King at (516-541-4225) and thank him for his support for immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship, but tell him we need him to actively press the Republican leadership to bring reform to a vote this year.

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