Beck Uses Norway Terror To Attack Muslim Immigrants


On Monday, Glenn Beck decided that the terrorist attacks in Norway by an anti-immigrant activist were a good prompt for a discussion of the dangers of immigration and multiculturalism.

In his typically confused style, Beck said that he warned about “what was coming in Europe” from what he described as the European Right. The reaction from the Right was to what he called “the problems of radical Islam because the cities are being overrun.”

He criticized the involvement of immigrants in local politics in Europe, claiming that there are “Islamic towns” in which Muslim immigrants have become part of the “middle management.” These immigrant middle managers are, Beck says, “squeezing the neck of Europe.” Beck added, before the bodies of the kids killed in Norway have even been buried, that “multiculturalism is killing Europe.”

Even these statements pale next to his claim that the murdered children and young adults in Norway sound “a little like Hitler Youth.” That’s right. Not the killer, but the victims are Hitler Youth lite.

Normally I would embed this audio, but it was too vile to put up here. If you want to listen, go here.