Muslim Woman in Old Brookville Says She Was Harassed Because of Her Faith


An Iranian businesswoman living in Old Brookville says she was harassed by local officials and neighbors because she is Muslim, leading her to file suit in federal court in Central Islip last week.

According to 51-year-old Farah Amid, village officials tried to block renovations of her $11.3 million estate in an attempt to make her leave the village. At the same time, neighbors harassed her by calling her “trash” and dumping dog feces on her property, she says.

The New York Post reports:

An Iranian businesswoman living in an exclusive Long Island neighborhood says local officials and neighbors waged a harsh campaign to drive her out of town—because she’s Muslim.

Insurance broker Farah Amid, 51, claims Old Brookville officials conspired to block the renovation of her storm-damaged $11.3 million estate, and that other residents spray-painted Christian crosses on her trees, according to a suit filed last week in federal court in Central Islip.

Village officials constantly tried to derail her renovation plans, costing her $7 million, she claims.

And a neighbor banged on her palatial mansion’s door, shouting that Amid was “trash,” she should “should go back to wherever [she] came from” and that “your people should not live in a place like Old Brookville,” court papers said.

Amid, a single mom who was formerly married to a Jewish husband, also claims one neighbor dumped dog feces on her property in an attempt to intimidate her.

Village officials could not be reached for comment.