Monthly Hate Crimes Report in NY for March 2017

Image courtesy of WHEC

Since the election of President Trump, there has been an increase in hate crimes and hate incidents. As such, it is important to be aware of what is happening in our communities to our new American neighbors. Every month, we publish a list of hate incidents that occurred in order to track hate crimes in our community as well as to document this moment in history and inform the community.

In the month of March, there were 20 hate crimes reported in New York State, an increase from February 2017. Here are the crimes which occurred in the metropolitan area:

  • 3/1/17 – Swastikas carved onto the door of the Fourth Universalist Society Church in Manhattan.
  • 3/2/17 – A Hispanic man beaten and told to “go back to your country” in East New York.
  • 3/2/17 – Work email system was hacked and employees received emails with racist comments in Northport.
  • 3/3/17 – African-American security guard hit over head with glass bottle and called a racial slur by a white man.
  • 3/5/17 – African-American man attacks three gay men with a knife in Bedford-Stuyvesant.
  • 3/6/17 – A Muslim woman was verbally assault before being punched in the neck in Jamaica.
  • 3/7/17 – A Chinese man was attacked with an umbrella by a man who yelled “I don’t like Chinese people” in Flushing.
  • 3/9/17 – A swastika was painted onto a person’s car in North Bellport.
  • 3/12/17 – A bomb threat was called into a Brighton Jewish Community Center.
  • 3/12/17 – A gay man was beaten outside of Madison Square Garden.
  • 3/16/17 – A man beats two trans-women in Jackson Heights.
  • 3/19/17 – Unknown assailants threw objects at a victim’s car while yelling racial slurs in West Sayville.
  • 3/21/17 – An African-American man was stabbed to death with a sword by a white veteran in Times Square.
  • 3/25/17 – Man threatens to kill Syrian couple on the subway in Manhattan.
  • 3/28/17 – A Latina woman was yelled at by men from car and shot in face with BB gun in Middle Village.
  • 3/29/17 – Anti-African-American graffiti found in a bathroom in Brentwood.
  • 3/30/17 – Man yells homophobic slurs at another man on the C train, before hitting and spitting on the victim in Manhattan.

These are only the bias incidents and hate crimes reported, although there are likely many that go unreported. Nationally, there were over 90 hate crimes and bias incidents made public on the news.

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