Meet Our New Online Editor


My name is Jano Tantongco, and I am excited and honored to announce that I am the new Online Editor for Long Island Wins. In this role, I hope to help elevate the discussion on immigration to new heights to bring you thought-provoking analysis, poignant personal stories of immigrants and coverage of the issues that matter to Long Islanders.

As a journalist, I have primarily written for community newspapers, most recently working for the Long Islander News in Huntington, then previously for the Queens Courier in Queens. I’m elated to now be able to focus my skills on telling a new kind of ever-evolving story, one that crosses borders, languages and ethnicities.

My life was always rooted in mixture. And, reflecting on immigration, I don’t exactly believe in the “melting pot” theory. That implies that all the ingredients create a uniform result.

My father is of Chinese descent, whose own parents immigrated to the Philippines in the 1930s. They all then came to the United States in the 1980s. Around the same time, my mother had escaped the ravages of the civil war in El Salvador, eventually finding her way to New York.

So, instead, I subscribe to the concept of a tapestry. Together, we all come to this land with our own culture, beliefs and languages. Over time, we interweave and build bonds with other individuals and communities. And yet, when you step back, you see what each person and each group has contributed to the whole. That’s what I hope to highlight here in my work.

Though some may seek to drive a wedge between us, we won’t give in. Instead, let’s realize that all of us simply want to call Long Island our home and contribute to its growth and harmony.

I implore you, our audience, to provide your input in the discussion to help us create a robust platform for advocacy. Always feel free to write to me at or call me at 516-864-0788.