May Day for Immigration Reform


While we are well on our way to having comprehensive immigration reform happen, we cannot stop pushing our elected officials to have the final bill be as fair as it can be.

May 1 has traditionally been a day of action for social change, and is celebrated around the world as International Workers’ Day. This year, with immigration reform on the horizon, countless marches and rallies were held across the country, as well as here on Long Island, in support of passing reform that works for everyone.

freeport1While much of the talk on immigration reform has been on the pathway to citizenship for an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants, all Americans stand to benefit from having our broken immigration system fixed. By legalizing the undocumented immigrants currently in the country, their wages would increase, thereby boosting salaries for all wages up the ladder.

“We can’t continue to have an immigration system that takes advantage of workers,” said Anita Halasz of Long Island Jobs with Justice at a rally in Freeport.

freeport3Long Island Wins joined the Long Island Immigrant Alliance, 32BJ, La Fuente, Make the Road New York, Long Island Civic Engagement Table, Long Island Federation of Labor, Long Island Jobs with Justice, CARECEN, Unity Housecleaners, and the Freeport Trailer in Freeport in support of passing fair, commonsense immigration reform that works for everyone.

“For too long, our families have been separated and forced into the shadows,” said Luis Valenzuela of the Long Island Immigrant Alliance. “The time for immigration reform is now.”

freeport2From Los Angeles to New York, May Day this year has been a day of action for immigration reform. We cannot stand idly by while our elected officials make amendments to the proposed immigration bill, potentially for the worse. This is the time that we keep the pressure on congress to have the final bill work for all Long Islanders and all Americans.