Representatives Suozzi & Rice Co-Sponsor Bill Giving DREAMers and TPS Holders Pathway to Permanent Residence and Citizenship

Tom Suozzi and Kathleen Rice support legalization program for immigrants.

Long Island Congressional Representatives Kathleen Rice and Tom Suozzi are co-sponsors of The DREAM and Promise Act of 2019 (HR-6) which provides DREAMers and those with TPS a pathway to permanent residence and eventual citizenship. The bill was introduced yesterday and Suozzi and Rice are first-day co-sponsors. The bill already has 203 co-sponsors and the support of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

If enacted, this legislation could provide permanent legal protection to as many as 30,000 immigrants on Long Island. It is extremely important that immigrant rights supporters keep the pressure on in Congress for immigration reform.

Please call Suozzi and Rice and thank them for standing with Long Island’s immigrants. 

Rep. Kathleen Rice (202) 225-5516
Rep. Tom Suozzi (202) 225-3335