REMAX Agent Who Threatened to Kill Demonstrators Has Been Fired!

Last night I received information that a video had been posted by a Ronkonkoma real estate agent threatening to kill a Black Lives Matter protester. I notified Suffolk County government and through them the Suffolk County Police Department. I also notified Newsday, which, as of this morning, had assigned a reporter to investigate. I posted the story and the video on Long Island Wins. I had called the alleged perpetrator to get his side of the story before I posted, but I have not heard back from him.

“Apology” from someone identifying himself as Jared Aversano.

At noon today I called his employer, REMAX real estate in Ronkonkoma and I spoke to the representative for the office. She said “We were disgusted by the video. He was terminated. He no longer works for the organization.”

In the video, posted below, a man threatens to kill a “Ni@@@@” supporter of Black Lives Matter. The man, identified as Jared Aversano, wields a military-style assault rifle while using the racial hate word. Jared Aversano was a REMAX agent in Ronkonkoma. Recent Newsday reporting exposed widespread racial discrimination by realtors.

Someone purporting to be Jared Aversano posted an apology/no apology online which I also reproduce.

The violent bigotry of the man in the video led to widespread condemnation and the reported removal of the original video. Overnight I received this message from Jared Aversano’s phone number: “I am an absolute moron for saying those words. I trully apologize, it was not meant to be racist I should never have chosen those words.”


  1. May this guy rot in unemployment. Note to REMAX: When you get his application for unemployment from the Labor Board make sure you indicate this IS NOT COVID-19 RELATED. Therefore he won’t receive that additional $600/wk.

    • His parents own the office. Not sure if he still lives home but he will have no problem surviving. This is appalling and as realtors we are held to high ethics and fair housing rules clearly that did not mean anything to him

  2. That is the most disgusting thing anyone could say. What kind of people are you. Sorry doesnt make this ok. His parents how do you actually raise a kid this way. He is a grown man not a kid. He served our country so DONT USE THE AN EXCUSE HE IS A STUPID KID CQUSE HE IS NOT. isn’t bad enough what is going on in this world. Shame on you jared for ruining everything your family worked hard for.

  3. Word has it ….He’s not fired.. he’s working at home making money his patents own it they’re not firing their son.

    • this is untrue. LIBOR is currently having a hearing at the moment now to talk about how they want to handle his license. He is terminated indefinitely from ANY RE/MAX brokerage

  4. YOU or YOUR realtor agency may be held to a higher standard, but as a Black professional, I have many sickening stories of discrimination when I was looking to buy a home here on Long Island. LI, having been born here and lived all my life, is the most segregated and bigoted area probably in the whole state of NY. History proves it! (i.e…Levittown). And many in your field (realtors) keep it going. Racism is a business sadly.

  5. Whether he’s racist or not (which he clearly is) he should not have a gun like that. He is definitely unstable. Who posts something like that on the internet and is sane?

  6. This is BS. His parents are the owner/broker of this franchised Remax. They simply put this out to the media to save the business. Believe me, he is still working there in some capacity.

    Don’t BS us with that apology he was told to apologize to save the family business and franchise name. A person’s true feeling comes out when they are most comfortable. he looks very comfortable in that video. Total disgrace!!

  7. As I remarked in an earlier post, he has been terminated by Libor MLSLI and the dept of state no longer has him listed as a licensee , If they letting him work it is against the law, Also every for sale sign on Long Island with his name and or picture on it has been removed from properties. HE IS DONE!

  8. This is going to follow him around for the rest of his life. When you look for a job most employers do an extensive internet history search. Good luck finging a job in the future. Guess he will have to move to Alabama.

  9. But he can still work for mummy and daddy’s office right? Not as an agent but still…right? We’re not done.

  10. I’m of Hispanic heritage and my husband is Caucasian. We bought a house listed through Remax and he end up being our realtor. He had some remarks said to me about “illegal people” and how some people shouldn’t buy a house. I just stayed quiet and didn’t want to lose a chance of buying my first home. In the end he send his assistant to work with us since he had bigger houses to sell somewhere else. (He’s definitely a racist person)

  11. His parents, Rudy and Diane Aversano owncthe real estate agency. They have been bailing Jared Aversano out his whole life. Look where it’s got them. Their son apologized and called himself a child. Your 23, you’re a man, a Racist one. They’re office should be shut down.