Long Island Nonprofits Mobilize To Help Immigrants Become Citizens

Image courtesy of WOCinTech (CC License)

Nassau Suffolk Law Services and the Suffolk County Bar Association are launching a new project to help permanent residents in Suffolk County apply for citizenship. The Suffolk Citizenship Project grows out of a commitment by the two organizations to improve legal services for immigrants and other underserved groups in Suffolk. The project is also enlisting volunteer attorneys to prepare citizenship applications.

The first free citizenship assistance day will be held in Islandia on September 12. Interpreters will be available for those who cannot speak English. The attorneys will also fill out any necessary waiver forms that need to be filed. Anyone who wants to access this free service must call for a free prescreening and a list of documents to bring on September 12.

To schedule an appointment, please call Nassau Suffolk Law Services at 631-822-3282.

To be eligible for citizenship, an immigrant must be a legal permanent resident, possessing a “green card,” for five years. If married to a United States citizen, immigrants only need to have been a permanent resident for three years. The screener will inform potential candidates of other requirements for citizenship.

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