Immigration Courts May Reopen on Monday


If a continuing resolution is passed by Congress and signed by President Trump, the Immigration Courts will reopen on Monday. I just received this message from the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) which administers the Immigration Courts:

Assuming that Congress passes the proposed CR and the President signs it before Monday, the non-detained immigration courts will be open as scheduled on Monday. Anyone with a hearing notice for Monday should appear as scheduled. There will likely be some confusion and disorganization at first, so we are asking all parties to be patient as we restart operations.

While many will be happy that the courts will reopen on Monday, January 28, the fact that cases will go ahead is ominous. Because of the ongoing and seemingly endless shutdown, some immigrants may not realize that their cases will go ahead next week. If they fail to appear on the date of the hearing, they may be ordered deported.


The detained courts remain open and will continue as planned.  


Best regards,


Daniel “Doc” Daugherty

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