Green Light Coalition Hails the Start of Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants Next Monday

Martha Maffei

With the start of the implementation of the Green Light Law allowing immigrants to apply for New York Driver’s Licenses on the same basis as other New Yorkers, immigrants and the groups that advocate with them are celebrating. Emma Kreyche, Advocacy Director at the Worker Justice Center of New York, helped lead the Green Light Coalition. She said that; “Across New York, communities are anxiously awaiting the implementation of the Green Light bill. The opportunity to apply for a license will transform the lives of so many New Yorkers. This victory has been a long time coming.”

Paola Zuniga of Long island’s SEPA Mujer and Green Light Gabinete member says, “This license will bring peace to my family and to my community in the East End. To see change we must unite and make those changes together. The collective grassroots work is reflected with the social impact in our communities.” She was part of the Long Island effort to pass the Green Light Act and says that it is an example of effective advocacy; “Yes we could! Because united we are stronger!”

Martha Maffei, the Executive Director of SEPA Mujer Inc. says “In celebration of justice for immigrant families in the restoration of access, we applaud the collaborative effort from our elected officials and agencies. However advocates in the frontlines have been dealing with community confusion, incorrect information being circulated and community concerns since the passage of the legislation 6 months ago. We are concerned about successful implementation, ample employee training and community education with just a week from the date of implementation. As we celebrate this historic victory for our New York Immigrant communities we ask organizations across the state to create plans to address the needs of your communities
assist and uplift those who will need further guidance. ”