Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act Likely to Be Voted on Today: Call the LI Six


The Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act is scheduled to be voted on today in the New York State Senate, according to Angel Reyes Rivas of Rural Migrant Ministries. The bill has support across the state and will likely pass.

The New York Immigration Coalition is asking that you call the Long Island Six senators and ask them to vote for the bill. Right now, Senators Kaminski, Kaplan, Thomas, and Brooks have announced their support, but please call all of them as well as Senators Martinez and Gaughran (who have not yet committed). We expect the vote will take place this afternoon, so please call as soon as possible.

The message is simple: Farmworkers deserve the labor protections that other workers already have.

Here is how to contact them:

Senator Todd Kaminsky (516) 766-8383   Albany 518-455-3401

Senator Kevin Thomas  (516) 739-1700  Albany  (518) 455-3260

Senator John Brooks (516) 882-0630  Albany 518-455-2765

Senator Monica Martinez (631) 360-3356  Albany (518) 455-2950

Senator Anna Kaplan (516) 746-5924 Albany  (518) 455-2170

Senator Jim Gaughran  (516) 922-1811  (518) 455-3250