Bill Protecting DREAMers and Immigrants With TPS Introduced in House of Representatives

Bill would help 25,000 to 35,000 Long Island immigrants.

Congressional Representatives Nydia Velasquez and Yvette Clarke introduced The Dream and Promise Act of 2019 (HR-6) this morning in the House of Representatives. The bill would provide pathways to permanent residence and citizenship for nearly four million immigrants if enacted. This would be the most sweeping immigration legislation since 1996 if it becomes law.

The bill will offer temporary “conditional status” for ten years to DREAMers who came to the United States before they turned 18 and who have lived here for at least four years prior to enactment. In other words, is passed today, young people who came as children before March 2015 would be eligible. The applicant must have completed high school or its equivalent or be enrolled in a qualified vocational education program. The applicant will also undergo security checks and will be barred from the program for certain criminal violations.

Those granted the “conditional status” will be authorized to live in the United States and work here. They will have ten years to complete two years of college or vocational school, serve in the military, or complete certain work requirements in order to be eligible for permanent residence.

The bill will also offer permanent residence to most people who are currently protected by Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Only Long Island, an estimated 15,000 immigrants currently have TPS.

Nancy Pelosi spoke out in favor of the bill this morning and Jerry Nadler, who chairs the key House Judiciary Committee, helped draft it.

I will write more on this important bill as details become available.


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