Long Island Wins’ Margarita Espada To Be Honored at CARECEN Dinner


CARECEN will be celebrating its 28th year of working with the immigrant community on Long Island this November 15 with a gala at Westbury Manor.

This year’s honorees include Margarita Espada of Long Island Wins. Margarita is being honored for her use of the arts to reach out to Long Islanders about immigration and hate crimes through her play “What Killed Marcelo Lucero?”

Rev. Ralph Sommer, the pastor of St. Brigid’s Church in Westbury, was also singled out to be honored for his exemplary achievements in bringing immigrant and native-born church members together in both liturgy and community action.

Joselo Lucero, another honoree, has become an important advocate for accountability in Suffolk County government and an ambassador to young people in hate crime prevention. He has bravely stood for equality and decency in a county too often characterized by hatemongering and scapegoating. CARECEN is proud to honor his grace and courage.

The keynote address will be delivered by Roger Clayman, the executive director of the Long Island Federation of Labor. Roger has been a leader in organizing immigrant workers into the labor movement where they can have a voice and achieve the dignity they are too often denied.

To take out a journal ad or to purchase tickets, please call CARECEN Monday through Wednesday at 516-489-8330 or email me at pycarecen@gmail.com.

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