Long Island Wins Has a New Website

History is happening now.

Partly, that’s obvious from the news: the comprehensive immigration reform bill passing the Senate and making its way to the House of Representatives.

While Long Island Wins has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to actively advocate for reform, a lot of the work you’ve seen has been through our website, which is the primary method through which we get our message out there.

To that end, our new website brings an entirely modern take on our mission to promote commonsense immigration policy that works for all Long Islanders, immigrant and native alike.

We’ve got the same great in-depth reporting, analysis and breaking news that you’ve come to expect from Long Island Wins in a much more convenient and easy-to-use format. Our feature articles and our blog have been consolidated onto our redesigned homepage.

Welcoming Long Island continues side-by-side with Long Island Wins on a redesigned page. On it you will find all the information you need to know about this innovative initiative, including upcoming events and how you can get involved.

wlipreviewsmallWe’ve got new multimedia functionality, including photo slideshows and videos.

Re-launching together with the website is our popular business series, which profiles immigrant business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals right here on Long Island.

In putting a greater emphasis on immigrant storytelling, we’re also debuting a mini-series on Migration, which takes a personal look into the lives of immigrants, including why they leave their home countries, the path they take to get to the United States, and the problems they face once they’re here. Read this touching series in our Culture section, which will also continue to highlight special events and festivals here on Long Island.

Immigration reform is a very complicated issue, with a lot of moving pieces. Stay up to date on the Issues and Policies on their respective pages.

You’ll still be able to find your favorite features, like the informative and educational Immigration 101 series, authored by our blogger Patrick Young, Esq. This encyclopedia on immigration law can be found under Resources. Pat’s wildly popular Immigrants’ Civil War series will continue as well, an archive of which can be found under Columns.

imm101previewsmallIn keeping with the times, our website is also fully compatible with mobile devices and tablets, so you can get the facts on immigration no matter where you are.
We will continue to work towards a Long Island that works for everyone, immigrant and native alike. We hope you’ll visit our new website regularly as we continue on the path to comprehensive immigration reform.